Mr.Journey - Limousine Service For Wheelchair
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Limousine Service for Wheelchair

              Mr.Journey offers shuttle service for the elder or wheelchair users with Toyota Commuter designed exclusively for the smooth transportation of wheelchair users. The interior of the shuttle includes “hydraulic lift” with handle and safety belt to conveniently elevate and carry down wheelchair users. The shuttle with comfortable large VIP seats is able to accommodate up to 2 wheelchair users and maximum of 4 caretakers



Prices start from 2,000 Baht

** Oil-free the first 50 kilometers. (use only in Bangkok and Metropolitan Region)

Convenient Comfortable and Consoled with Mr.Journey.

Convenient and Comfortable. with unlimited distance service

Convenient and Comfortable with various channels of payment such as cash payment, bank transfer.

Consoled with first class car insurance.

Consoled with the quality of the shuttle serviced and mileage checked by expert automotive mechanic at a standard service center

Consoled with our exclusively trained drivers to ensure safety at all times and to offer the best service which is the heart of our.


●  This price vat included. ●  Oil-free the first 50 kilometers. ●  Exclude parking fees. ●  Exclude toll expressway.


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